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My interest in storytelling led to my writing four books: “The Joys of Writing: Short Stories for Kids and The Great Adventures,” and “The Mystery of the Missing Artifacts.” These books were inspired by my love for adventure and my desire to ignite the same passion in young readers. Both books were featured in the African American Literary Festival at Chicago’s Harold Washington Library and the Chicago Citizen newspaper. A visual narrative accompanies my third book, “Beautiful Brown Child,” read by 45 beautiful brown children I call my ‘little siblings.’ This book was a celebration of diversity and self-acceptance. My latest book, “My Camera and Me,” journals my discovery of my filmmaking passion and the journey that led me to where I am today. 

My Camera and Me

Shelly is a curious, creative and outgoing little girl who receives a special gift on her birthday. Join her on a lively adventure as she uses this gift to explore her imagination and discovers a blooming talent that opens her eyes to an exciting new world. ~ AGE 16

Beautiful Brown Child

Beautiful Brown Child was written to encourage children of color to love themselves. This short picture book affirms and inspires brown children everywhere to feel accepted for who they are, while teaching them to celebrate their diversity and realize their significance. The poetic language is sure to draw children in, and the kind words will let them know just how special they are. This book is a wonderful addition to your library and an excellent bedtime story to read with your Brown Child and help them feel loved! ~ AGE 14

The Mystery of the Missing Artifacts (The Great Adventures)

BOOM! The ground shook and the walls trembled. BOOM! A crack slowly started to spread across the walls. “Run!” Jamie yelled over the thunderous booming. The crumbling golden ceiling dusted their hair with debris. They ran up the gleaming golden staircase as fast as they could while the ceiling continued to collapse behind them. No time to think about getting tired. “KEEP RUNNING!” Zack yelled over the noise as they saw light at the top of the stairwell. “MOVE IT!” They could sense the falling staircase catching up to them! Will Jamie and Zack make it out of this catastrophe? Jamie and her friends are invited by Jamie’s cousin, Ming Chen, to China to find the thieves who stole the ancient artifacts from the national museum. Will they catch the thieves and have victory? Or will they get caught up in the thieves’ evil plan? ~ AGE 9

The Joys of Writing

Do you read bedtime stories every night? Do you pick up a good book every once in a while? If so, this book is for you. Join the characters in this book as they go on exciting adventures. As you read, try to visualize the pictures in the story and try to make out the characters and settings based on each cover page. Thanks for reading! I hope you like it! ~ AGE 8