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Filmmaking is one of the ways I express myself, and I am excited about bringing stories to life that matter to people. My films often explore themes of identity, family, and social issues. So far, the art has earned me multiple local and state awards, including the Midwest Media Educators Association (MMEA), other regional film festivals, and the 2023 Richards High School Film Festival Best Short Film for my film, Bittersweet. Most recently, Bittersweet was screened at the AMC Theater in New York’s Times Square as a part of the All-American High School Film Festival. My current film, “Emotions,” which delves into the complexities of human emotions, will be screened this year at the Florida Urban Film Festival. 

As I continue to expand my filmmaking talents during my college career, I am excited to write and tell stories on film creatively that incorporate the arts. My ultimate goal is to create impactful films that resonate with audiences worldwide, and I am committed to honing my craft to achieve this. 

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