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I have loved the sound of the violin for as long as I can remember, and years of practice resulted in my conducting the orchestra for my high school and arranging a piece for the final performance. This experience allowed me to showcase my leadership skills and my ability to bring a musical vision to life. I also had the privilege of performing with my high school orchestra at events in DC and New York City, New York, which were incredible opportunities to share my love for music with a wider audience. 

The HF Orchestra Senior Conductors Concert. I arranged this piece by ear.

Final Honors Recital with Moriah McGowan as Seniors. 

Accompanying the Co-ed Choir for their Christmas Concert.

Junior Honors Recital.

Our string Quintets: Nichelle – 1st violin, Moriah – 2nd Violin, Ruby – Viola, Evelyn – Cello, Habtamu – Cello.

Junior year Honors Recital with Moriah McGowan.

This is my tribute to Michael Jackson. At the age of 12, I scored and arranged this 6-song, 5-part piece by ear.